Trained & certified to install professional grade ceramic protection
Trained & certified to install professional grade ceramic protection

Mobile Mini Detail

Noosa – Caloundra ($100 - $120)
  • Interior vacuum of everything + clean wipe down of console/trims ect
  • Make-up/sunscreen mark removal, textile spot clean
  • Exterior high gloss wash of complete exterior
  • Door jams cleaned
  • Tyres dressed
  • In/out window clean

Private Workshop Services

Wash/Clay/Machine Polish

FROM $380

The service to spoil yourself and your pride and joy with a high strength wash to complete exterior
Decontamination by chemical and clay
Machine polish to paintwork + sealant or wax + trims dressed.
Windows cleaned and tyres dressed
(This service will not remove heavy defects)
Half Day Detail

FROM $240

A thorough vacuum and clean of the interior, with spot mark removal and a satin finish dressing
Exterior wash to the complete exterior + chemical decontamination
Application of spray sealant or high quality wax to paintwork - And the last half of the day to cure in my care is advised.
Trims and plastics dressed, windows & tyres
Paint Correction

Quote upon inspection

A wash and decontamination process by chemical and clay before paint correction by heavy compounding, removing light to deep scratches before a gloss enhancing polish and sealant to paintwork, renewing the shine and depth of your cars paintwork while also removing a range of defects permanently.
All Day Full Detail

FROM $460

A day spent renewing your vehicle inside and out. The perfect service as a pre sale detail to maximise sale price, or rejuvenating your pride and joy to enjoy yourself.

Surface Protection

Before any protection product is installed, the surface undergoes a comprehensive process including decontamination and paint correction preparing the surfaces properly for ceramic protection.
CQuartz Professional Ceramic ProtectionCquartz Professional is a glass coating developed on advances in ceramic technology over the past 6 years. This new formula has been infused with fluorocarbon composites, Si02 and specialised nanoparticles to ensure ridiculous levels of gloss, self-cleaning properties and immense protection.

The dense structure of CQP allows the coating to protect the paintwork, rejecting contaminants such as bird droppings, bug stains and many other environmental hazards. The coating will also mitigate light swirling and scratches, having both the structural hardness yet the flexibility to negate physical harm. Not only does this coating protect your vehicle, it also transforms the surface to be extremely reflective, glossy, slick and water-repellent. It will bring your investment into new aesthetic heights, unlocking the true beauty that your pride & joy is yet to offer. The car also adopts a self-cleaning nature, repelling water and contaminants due to its advances in electronegativity – making it a lot easier to clean and maintain. CarPro believe that this new formulation encompasses all their years of ceramic coating development, and is the true pinnacle of modern ceramic technology.
CQuartz Professional New Vehicle

$1000 - 24h cure

Give your car the best right from the beginning with professionally installed ceramic protection and paint correction unlike that from the dealerships. Backed by an Australian wide warranty and for piece of mind any panel damage by vehicle impact occurring within 2yrs that receives paint repair will be polished and coated free of charge.

Unlock intense levels of gloss essentially putting the refined appearance on pause for years, and immense water beading for easy maintenance.
CQuartz Professional Used Vehicle

Quote On Inspection - 24h cure

Restore your cars former glory, and bring it back to a showroom finish that lasts, eliminating the need to ever polish or wax again. A long preparation session is carried out before heavy defect removal by compounding, then a refinement polish to perfect all painted surfaces before professional ceramic protection is installed to paint work, glass, trims and lights backed with an Australian wide warranty.
CarPro DQuartz

From $1250 24h cure

Car paints are getting increasingly softer and we have finally developed a technology to combat it. DQUARTZ is the first ever ceramic coating, which utilises Functionalised Detonation Nano Diamond Powder to increase surface pencil hardness by up to 5 points! In the pursuit of perfection, we have developed a truly innovative formula based on a siloxane nano-diamond fusion and a proprietary silicon resin, which make DQUARTZ the first ever coating to offer mechanical resistance to swirls and scratches.

DQUARTZ can be used as a standalone coating for automotive paint and will produce the same results when used on metals. Beyond the hardness improvements, it packs strong chemical and environmental resistances, as well as our greatest pride and joy: gloss and self-cleaning.
CQartz Finest Reserve

From $1500 24h cure

CQUARTZ Finest Reserve is our state-of-the-art flagship coating suited exclusively to the most skilled, hand-picked installers in the world.

It is an extremely complex hybrid blend of SiO2-infused epoxy nanoparticles developed to carry the torch for the ultimate development of the CARPRO line of advanced professional coatings.

This next-gen technology utilizes an advanced hybrid nano-structural composition, which bridges the gap between ceramic and organic materials, creating an extremely high-gloss, dense coat.

Additionally this results in an extremely durable, thick coating with advances in a variety of attributes and unlike anything that has come before it. With our advanced “SiO2poxi” tech, the new Finest Reserve is extremely resistant to water spots, acids, solvents, ice, oils, dirt, UV, and all manner of environmental attacks.